Hooray! St.Nicholas is coming! For teachers, this means a variety of themed activities all week long. If you need extra help, Lipa is always here for you!


We decided to play a little game in which kids can do something nice for each other. Let’s start with preparations.

Create Santa’s boots together


Wow, guess what? You can make simple red Santa’s boots! They can be created out of the usual fabrics, but this time kids will be more delighted with some Christmas style:

  • Transparent, plastic Santa’s boot
  • Fabric (with Christmas patterns)
  • Thread and needle
  • Scissors
  • Ribbons or other Christmas decorations (such as fake fur, fleece, glitter, etc.)

The best thing to do is to separate fabric into 3 pieces. One piece for the foot, the other one for the upper part of he boot, and the third piece of fabric can be for the lid or the top part. Feel free to add additional fabric if you wish to decorate the inner part of the boot, too.


Let the kids use their enormous imagination while creating Santa’s boots. Once they explain what they want, you can help them with sewing. When the little boots are ready, here’s the next thing you can do.

Who is your secret Nic?


Now it’s time for your classroom friends to get busy and become secret Nicholas!


Teachers can write names of each child on a piece of paper. When you have everybody’s name written, cut out each separately, fold the papers and place them into a bowl or a basket. Children then take turns, one by one, getting out the papers with names. Everyone is now a secret Nic to the friend whose name is written on the piece of paper. This is now the time to create something nice with their hands. Each one of them can make a note, draw something, create something out of paper or a cardboard box or sew a fabric-made ornaments. Any kind of arts and craft activity is welcomed.


If you need some additional ideas, feel free to use some of our Winter craft ideas we’ve shared with you yesterday. Each child needs to place his or her hand-made gift into the boot of a friend for whom the surprise is created.

Surprise, your secret Nic is here!


The next day, when everybody is back to the classroom, play a Secret Nic game and let them discover what great things they have made for each other.


This can be done during a circle time, too. When they find gifts in their boots, let them talk to each other to discover who did what and for who. You can even play a guessing game and let them try to guess each other’s works.


What a beautiful way of classroom bonding, don’t you agree? We are sure your little ones will love it. Enjoy this game together and feel free to let us know how they all liked it.


Jolly times from Lipa!