Ho, ho, ho, Santa is getting ready for his Christmas travel around the world! Do you know what he will do first? He will check his list! We definitely want to be there, don’t you?
Santa’s List Day is celebrated on December 4, which means that we have 1 more day to make up for anything we might not be as proud of.

It is might be a wonderful idea to gather your little helpers and talk about all the good things they have done throughout the year. Ask them what they would do better, encourage them to apologize to one another in case they made each other sad sometimes.


We’d like to gather our families and classrooms to make a recap of all the good activities we have done throughout the year. If anything is missing, we have 1 more day to make up for it. Let’s check our list.

Have we treated our friends nice?

Dear teachers, you can prepare a language activity during your classroom times. We can all sit down and talk about how nice we were to each other and what nice things we did. We can also remember some of the things that haven’t been nice and find ways how to improve them today. Maybe a smile would be enough, or a “Thank you”, or maybe even “I’m sorry”. The good thing about this activity is for everyone to feel good and happy afterwards.


Parents can do the same at home. It is important to have the whole family gathered, so each member can remember all the good (and bad) deeds. For bad deeds, it is never too late to make up and correct mistakes.
Lipa treated you nice, didn’t it? We have prepared many useful games, tips and ideas for parents, teachers and children. We hope you liked them.

Have we helped the ones who needed help?


Let’s help our preschoolers remember the time when they helped their parents or siblings, as well as grandparents and friends. We can even ask them if they remember the time they ignored a call for help and talk to them about why it happen and how they would change that.

Have we shared our belongings with friends?

Selfishness is one of the habits we’ve been trying hard to teach our children to avoid. It comes from a lack of empathy which we’ve helped you overcome with kids in many of our articles. We’re sure you’ve made it by now!


Feel free to ask your kids about what they have shared with their friends today and what nice things they will share this holiday. Find out how happy it makes them and if they feel lucky and grateful for all the things friends have shared with them.


Cultivate an attitude of gratitude throughout the whole year long.

Have we treated our nature nice?


Why is it important to take a nice care of our environment? Because we set a good example for others, and if everybody starts doing the same, we’ll be seeing a healthier future with fresh air, less pollution and beautiful surroundings to play outside. Lipa has celebrated the International Ozone Day to remind and motivate our little ones how to foster this habit and raise awareness about nature.

Talk about other good deeds

There are other lovely things your sweet preschoolers have done at home and in school. Motivate them to share them with you and that way they can make a nice example for others in your family, feel good about themselves and never forget to do it again.


If your list of good deeds is full like ours, you are now officially ready to write to Santa!


But wait, we bring you a Santa letter template specially for Lipa friends. With the help of Lipa, kids will be able to write their letters to Santa, seal it with Lipa kiss and send it expressly with Lipa wings!


Stay tuned for more jolly times by Lipa!