Isn’t white Christmas something all our little ones would love to see? Yes, we are always looking forward to seeing snowflakes falling down the sky on our Christmas Eve. What happens when there is no snow for Christmas? And… is there something we can do about it?


Dream Snow

Author: Eric Carle


Dream Snow is a beautiful Christmas story about a farmer who takes a winter’s nap on Christmas Eve and dreams about snow. The farmer’s dream about white Christmas soon becomes a reality as he wakes up finding himself covered with a white snow blanket. He puts on his warm clothes, takes a box and rushes outside where he decorates a Christmas tree next to his barn full of farm animals. He surprises his beloved animals with Christmas gifts as he gives exciting chance to our little readers to try to guess which farm animal is hiding under the white blanket.


And of course, what kind of a Christmas story would this be if the author didn’t surprise the kids at the end of the book? It’s a musical button that produces a tinkling sound as kids press it.


With vivid illustrations in the book, children can practice their prediction skills turning pages and trying to guess what happens next as the story continues.

Our review


Of course, we love this lovely story! Not only does it improves predictions skills, but it also builds narrative skills and boosts motivation and vocabulary. Eric Carle makes it even more enjoyable with the fun illustrations of the winter and Christmas mood on a happy farm. We love the part when kids can guess which animal is hiding behind the white blanket, and we know all kids will love the ending surprise when they press the button to make a lovely sound.


Don’t miss this wonderful Christmas read! It can also be a nice Christmas present for your little ones which can be enjoyable for winter bedtime stories all season long.