The holidays are exciting but also overwhelming at times—did you get enough wrapping paper? Presents? Christmas cookies? Stocking-stuffers? Just when you think you’ve got everything checked off on your Christmas to-do list, you realize you’ve forgotten a fun part of the holiday proceedings: an Advent calendar. Make this DIY Advent calendar at home or in school within no time.

DIY Advent pouches


You can make simple string pouches, sew your own fabric pouch or create one out of socks or mittens. Tie them up on a horizontal string in front of your fireplace, on your bannister, or just along a blank wall.

But what can you put inside? How about a few hand-written Christmas wishes or hand-made ornaments your kids have created on their own? We’ve recently given you a few ideas on some fun winter and Christmas crafts you can prepare. In case you missed them, here they are again:

Paper Advent calendar


One of the quickest ways to create an Advent calendar is with colored paper. Make little red boots and write the countdown days on each. Glue them on a nice Christmas background and plan fun school or home activities for each day.

Christmas cookies calendar


Why not making an edible Advent calendar? You can find out how to make edible ornaments here and do the same with your Advent calendar. Each day, turn one of the cookies into a Christmas tree ornament. It’ll add a nice, personal touch to your regular tree decorations.


Lipa Advent calendar


Of course, don’t miss our Lipa Advent calendars! See our little Lipa Bear peeking out of the December 5th doors and stay tuned for our funny Cyclops coming out on FacebookDecember 13th.


Have fun creating your own Advent calendars with your kids and feel free to send us your ideas and the crafts you’ve created together.

Lots of love and jolly times from Lipa Learning!