Christmas is getting closer and closer, and so is all that gift wrapping. Instead of scouring through the stores trying to find special or unique paper, why not make your own?

We’d love to share a few ideas about how to make your wrapping time special and truly memorable.

1. Colorful birthday wrapping paper


Have you got a cupboard full of birthday wrapping paper and ribbons? If you have saved some from previous birthdays then you might have a pretty colorful source of Christmas wrapping ideas. Just remove the paper that says “Happy Birthday” and have fun mixing and matching paper, ribbon, and bows. You will have a wonderful collection of colorfully wrapped gifts. Far from the tedious red and green, these presents will add an amazing splash of color under your Christmas tree!

2. Classical wrapping with Christmas bits and pieces


How do you turn classical, non-colored wrapping paper into an amazing Christmas wrapping your kids will love? Take a look at our photo: some of the Christmas bits and pieces you might have are great to use for this idea. Here are a few examples:

  • Smaller Christmas tree decorations (such as reindeers, stars, garlands, etc.)
  • Christmas tree branches (cut into smaller parts)
  • Cinnamon sticks (for festive scents)
  • Soft white cotton pads (to represent the snow)
  • Christmas cards with warm wishes (You can use the 3D cards you’ve done with us recently)

Any Christmas decoration you add to your classical brown wrapping paper would definitely look great. But make sure to use smaller objects for your craft. Have fun turning classic into magic!

3. Wrapping ideas straight from your kitchen


Did you know that you could make a wrapping paper out of kitchen cloths, oven mittens and aprons?

  • Choose red, green, or Christmas-patterned cloths, mittens and aprons
  • Fill them with Christmas presents
  • Tie them up with a Christmas ribbon
  • Use cinnamon sticks in the ribbons for a nice Christmas scent

This is something grown-ups and kids will love to make and receive. Hardly anyone will be expecting such a surprise!  Kids can use the wrapping for playing and painting while grown-ups can use it for cooking.

4. Fill winter slippers with Christmas presents


How about using a pair of new warm booty slippers for your Christmas wrapping paper this year? Fill and tie them up with a little ribbon on top, and voilà! Your Christmas gifts are ready, and you’ll love to wear those snug slippers around the house during the winter months.

5. Wrapping ideas with edible Christmas cookies


We’ve recently shown you how to make your own edible Christmas ornaments. Well, you can use them for your Christmas wrapping next week! Just tie them with a ribbon onto your regularly-wrapped presents and their recipients will get a special sweet Christmas addition they’ll surely appreciate.

6. Turn old storage boxes into gift boxes


You can also use your old storage or shoe boxes as Christmas gift boxes. Here are 3 tips on how to do so:

  • Color them with paint and wrap them with a ribbon
  • Cover them with colored papers, newspapers or even better, your kids’ drawings

And that’s not all…

Download Lipa Christmas coloring and writing sheets and let your kids color them. Use the colored sheets for some amazing and unique wrapping paper. You can download the winter coloring sheetpink Santa letter templategreen Santa letter template or this cute Lipa’s Happy Christmas coloring sheet.

Look for more amazing ideas on our Pinterest page, too!