Christmas is only week ahead! Have you prepared any special greetings for your family, friends, classmates or colleagues? Look here! Lipa has a surprise for you!

Merry Christmas with Lipa Christmas cards


We are so happy to have created these lovely greeting cards for you! Both kids and grown-ups will love them.

Download Lipa Christmas cards here!

A few ideas on how to use Lipa cards…

Teachers can use them for their classroom Christmas activity and create a surprise with kids for their parents. The cards are also a great idea for you to use them at your Christmas school event. Here are our ideas on how you can use Lipa Christmas cards:

  • Decorate for your classroom/home
  • Surprise parents/family/friends (fold each card and let kids write wishes inside)
  • Surprise kids (fold each card and write personal Christmas wishes to them)
  • Decorate your Christmas tree at home and in the classroom (fold each, let kids draw something inside and sign their names, hang them on the Christmas tree)

Before using the cards, you can cut and paste them on a cardboard surface to keep them firm. Enjoy and have fun with your special Christmas cards!

Merry Christmas to all! Lots of jolly times full of laughter and love!