Here we are, only 6 days to Christmas! Take a look what we have done for you today! A fantastic Christmas decorations specially from Lipa. We are pretty sure you won’t find them anywhere else!

Cut and paste Lipa decorations


Our colorful decorations are made specially for Lipa kids, parents and teachers. Check out our Lipa Mole and the chirping bird from Lipa Eggs looking excited about Christmas time with you!

Download your special Lipa decorations here!

How to use the decorations?

It’s easy and fun. Here are some of our ideas:

  • Glue them on a cardboard surface, make a whole on top and use them as your Christmas tree ornaments
  • Use a duct tape and stick them on your windows/walls
  • Glue them inside the Lipa Christmas cards
  • Make a special Christmas notebook and glue them inside
  • Make a wrath or a necklace for your Christmas tree (Glue them on a cardboard surface, make a whole on top and lead a thread or a thin rope through each, 1 by 1)

VoilĂ ! Your Christmas decorations are ready!

Enjoy this Christmas crafts activity with your kids and feel free to let us know ho they liked it.