Hey, it’s 5 days to Christmas and Lipa is still not done with surprising you! Today, we have a special thing for all kids, parents and teachers! Let’s make our own Christmas play with special finger puppets for kids!

Lipa finger puppets


Giddy up, little horsie! Our Lipa Knight is here in its special paper edition for Lipa fans. We invite parents and teachers to cut and paste our finger puppets for kids and enjoy special times these holidays.

To make it even more interesting for our little ones, we’ve created 2 versions for you to download:

We’re sure kids will love both versions and will enjoy hours of fun with our finger puppets. To boost their imagination and excitement, they can first play Lipa Knight on their devices and then continue the fairytale in paper version.

Magic never stops in Lipa, so stay tuned for more Christmas surprises!

Hugs and kisses,