Make list of fun activities


It’s true, riding bikes and roller-skating can always be on top of your list, but there are other activities which will put a smile on your child’s face. As your children are growing up in the world full of variety of choices, they seem to choose more diverse activities. So, let them have all the fun! Prepare your fun activities list with ideas like these:

Visit a close-by playground


Although it’s a well-known practice, you should be aware of the fact that nowadays generations don’t spend all their days in parks like we used to. Don’t get us wrong. They do enjoy it, but be aware that the enjoyment doesn’t last too long. Before you know it, they’ll be complaining about being bored, so you better have a plan B ready.

Share a pizza


This could be your perfect plan B! Also, it goes well with getting tired in the playground and asking for some snacks. Make sure you enjoy sitting next to each other, having time for some father-son/daughter talk while enjoying pizza and a drink. This however shouldn’t be your regular routine because you want your child to have healthy meals. It should be rare but memorable and worth bragging to mum about it.

Visit a bookstore


The thing about library or bookstore is, you can enjoy reading books together before you decide which one you take home. There you can choose funny stories and read to your child, while he or she shows you their favourite book characters and their mischievous adventures.

Fly a kite


Just when you were about to laugh at the old-school idea, let us remind you what a great way this is to improve your child’s motor skills, not to mention raising competitive thinking if you challenge the child for some kite’s winning games.

Have a picnic


This always works! While you focus on choosing the right food, you can give a task to your child to decide on which toys he/she will bring in order to have fun at the picnic.

Take sefies


New generations like the word “selfie” as much as you hate it. Use your mobile camera to take selfies together wherever you are, post them to one of your social media profiles or place them on your digital photo frame.

Collect and color small stones


This is highly interesting if you are spending time on beach or in park. Find tiny stones, take them home, clean them and use mum’s nail polishes to color them. One you are finished, let them dry and glue them on a wooden or plastic pad to create a hand-made 3D picture.

Make a welcome sign for mum


If mum is at work, meeting or a business trip, it is always interesting for the children to make something with their own hands that will make mum happy. Yes, you could tidy up the house, but it’s more fun to something like arts and craft. Lipa Village suggests shells if you are close to beach, or twigs if you are in a city. You can dry them, spray them with colorful sprays (Christmas sprays with golden and silver color are perfect) and glue them in a nice shape. Leave space once you shape them, to write “Welcome” on it and place it close to the doors.

Dads, don’t forget…


Whatever you plan to do with your children during your holidays or days-off, don’t forget to keep in mind the things that make your child happy. Not all children are the same. Some enjoy making water balloons, others prefer playing tennis. The neighbor’s child may be the best at soccer, but your child is the best at singing. All we’re saying is, forget about others and focus on what’s making your child happy…because that is exactly what is making you happy, too!