• Well, well, well—so here we are, already 2 days away from Christmas. While you’re not busy having panic attacks over the increasing speed of time’s passage, have some fun preparing for Old Saint Nick’s arrival.

    Let’s remember all the Christmas activities in the Lipa Christmas countdown:

  • 7 days to Christmas – We created Lipa Christmas cards for our loved ones
  • 6 days to Christmas – We decorated our classrooms with Lipa Christmas decorations
  • 5 days to Christmas – We made our own Lipa finger puppets to play with
  • 4 days to Christmas – We created an edible Christmas tree
  • 3 days to Christmas – We made our own Christmas tree decorations

Meet Santa Claus


Christmas Eve can be just as important for kids as Christmas morning—the anticipation runs high. But before we decide what cookies we are going to make for Santa Claus, let’s find out some funny facts about our beloved grandpa.

Before Santa came, a goat did his job

As weird as it sounds, this is actually the truth. A long time ago in Scandinavia Santa’s job was done by a goat named Yule Goat. Around 1900, Santa Claus replaced him.

 Santa loves food


He doesn’t just eat milk and cookies. As a world traveler and an internationally-recognized saint, Santa’s been exposed to a variety of different foods. In Australia and the UK for example, he eats mince pies. In Sweden and Norway, rice porridge is the dish of choice. In Ireland, Christmas pudding is a must-have, while in Denmark the pudding contains a hidden almond inside. Santa likes his Brazilian Stollen de Natal, and in Mexico he feasts upon Galletas de Navidad.

Find out what other food Santa likes all around the world and make some for your family to taste before he squeezes down your chimney.

Santa’s origins

Originally, Father Christmas comes from Turkey. He was a bishop who gave gifts to those in need. He was well-known for his good deeds. Now, every Christmas Eve Santa travels 510,000,000 km at 10,703,437.5km/hr, or about 1,800 miles per second. He travels all night long in order to deliver his Christmas presents to kids around the world.

The Santa Claus school

Oh yes, there is a school for wanna-be Kris Kringles. Actually, there’s more than just one, but the Charles W. Howard Santa Claus School is the oldest and most well-known. Everyone is more than welcome to enroll.

 Santa’s favorite jokes


Our dear Papa Noel has a nice sense of humor. He enjoys telling jokes about himself to make children laugh. Here are a few of his favorites (or maybe the only ones he remembers—Santa’s not a young sprout):

  • Where does Santa stay when he’s on holiday?
    At a Ho-ho-ho-tel!
  • What does Santa call a kitty on the beach on Christmas morning?
    Sandy Claws!
  • Who delivers Christmas presents to elephants?
    Elephanta Claus!
  • What does Santa use when he goes fishing?
    His north pole!
  • What did Santa say to Mrs. Claus when he looked out the window?
    Looks like rain, dear!
  • What goes oh, oh, oh?
    Santa Claus walking backwards!

There we go—we found out some interesting facts about old Saint Nick. Now it’s time to get ready and make magic this Christmas with our families. If you wish to follow Santa on his long journey during Christmas Eve, Google has a delightful Santa Tracker .

Lipa wishes you a jolly holiday and a very Happy Christmas! Thank you for joining us on this fun Christmas countdown.