Our New Year’s wish is what we really aim to do in 2015:

New year stands before us, like a chapter in a book, waiting to be written. Let’s write that story together and make more for our kids’ future.

Now it’s time to write down all our wishes and put them somewhere close by, visible to us every day. Let’s create a beautiful wish tree!

We can use it as a home and classroom decoration, and we can nourish it day by day. How? By reading a wish by wish and make each happen. By the end of the year, we will see all our wishes come true. What a fulfilling feeling that will be!

Let’s make a wish


A wish tree is full of surprises! It will help your kids’ imagination go beyond any boundaries, make them feel excited and motivated to reach their goals. Each wish they put up on their tree will have a deeper meaning to them and they will be anxious to make it happen.

What kind of wishes to make?

Talk to kids about their feelings for others and what they would do to make the world a better place. Your wish tree can be a mixture of different wishes, each presenting a good deed to be done:

  • Do something nice and helpful for friends or a family
  • Donate clothes and toys to poor children around the world
  • Draw a picture or write a letter of support to sad children
  • Do something nice for your environment
  • Do something nice for your classroom

The list can go on and on, we are sure your kids will have amazing ideas. The most important thing is to write them all down. Once you have all the wishes ready, it’s time to make your wish tree.

DIY Wish tree


Before you get rid of your Christmas tree, think about how to keep and nourish the nature. Plant it in your school yard or even your home yard. Also, you can use branches of your Christmas tree, place them in a vase and water them regularly. Branches will make a beautiful wish tree for your kids. Once ready, you can start decorating your wish tree with lovely wish stars.

Create wish stars


You can make your own stars or feel free to download our star template here. When you are ready, here is what you can do:

  • Cut out the stars
  • Glue each on a firm background (cardboard, plastic, etc.)
  • Write wishes on each
  • Write names on each
  • Let kids make a drawing on a front side of each star
  • Make a hole on top of each star
  • Use a thread to hang stars on your wish tree

And your wish tree is now ready to be used! Enjoy making your wishes come true all year long. Every time you pick 1 wish from your wish tree, you will make someone happy and make 1 step further towards making the world a better place.

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