What are the most important things to work on when you’re having preschoolers at home? Should you focus on emotional or physical development? Should you do music or vocabulary? Would you prepare games and activities for writing or reading skills?

We would say – all of them!

How can music help you?

You can do a variety of activities with music., including cooking, cleaning, learning, playing, dressing up, and so on. Music is always useful and helpful, especially with preschoolers who don’t have to sit down and quietly do their homework. You can either listen or play the music. Even if you’re not a professional musician, it’s good to have some kind of shakers, drums and other instruments at home, to be able to create fun and exciting activities. Also, a great thing to do with instruments is to make them on your own. Paper, cardboard and other material will do well for home-made instruments.


Which physical activity to chose?

One of the best ways t work on your child’s physical development is dance. Even boys love to dance and they are not embarrassed of showing it while they’re still young. Play their favorite music and move around, add some of your ideas and even make a sequence. Each sequence has it’s tempo, but more importantly, it lasts until you count from 1 to 8. Adjust your counting to the rhythm of the music and let them learn 2 sequences, practice, perform and repeat. This is even better if you have a bigger mirror. That way they can watch themselves and improve.


How to understand emotions?

Important part of childhood is to be able to learn, understand and demonstrate different emotional states and situations, so a child can express them, as well as talk about them. It’s great to notice different emotional states and ask questions about them. Use why & how questions to get the exact explanation out of your child and encourage him or her no to be afraid, nor shamed to express them.
Emotions are basis to every behavior, therefore those who have learnt to understand their emotions, as well as to deal with them, can adopt to preschool and peers more easily and with less stress. Find books in library that tell stories about different emotions and situations. Read them to your child, and talk about what happened in the book and find out when he or she felt the same way as the character in the book.

Writing is fun!

It’s good to practice writing with your preschoolers. This is always fun for them, and it makes them happy once they master a letter. Start with easy letters, such as I, O, L and U. You can even start by teaching them to write LOVE. That way they can draw hearts along with the words.


Reading with words and pictures

Teaching reading is probably the most difficult part, but it can also be fun and engaging. Start with the child name and last name, and then use names of other family members and friends. Also, one interesting way of teaching reading is to involve pictures with words. Write down your child’s name, ad a verb and then finish then finish the sentence with a picture.