Winter is a great time for DIY projects with kids! The more hands-on indoor activities you can do, the better – kids have an abundance of energy all year round. The best way to introduce your little craftsmen and craftswomen to tools while expanding thier curiosity is to build this simple yet useful birdhouse.

What you need to make a birdhouse


You’ll need the following tools and materials:

Step-by-step guide


Prepare a hard surface which will act as your crafting table. We chose a wooden plank because it offers a perfect solution for DIY projects like this. The dimensions of your bird house are up to you; all you need to do is cut out the 6 shapes pictured above.

  • The front and the back of your bird house should be cut at the same time to make identical angles (the ruler can help you here)
  • Once you have all the pieces ready, start nailing and gluing should from the front
  • Put a nail in the top and bottom corners, and do the same with the back side
  • Squeeze glue along the edges
  • Add the sides of the house, and then nail on the roof
  • Check out this cool birdhouse guide by Birds&Blooms to help you create a unique style
  • Use the spade drill bit to make all the rough parts smooth and safe for kids

When the house is ready, attach it to the bottom plank and make sure it’s firm enough so your little ones can decorate it.

Decorate your new abode


There are endless ways to decorate your bird house. Let your kids’ imaginations shine and sparkle—create a creative environment free from restriction. They can use paints and brushes, stickers, cotton pads, even leftover Christmas ornaments or lights.

We re-pinned some fantastic ideas for you on our Pinterest page. Take a look and choose your favorite style.

Your kids will have fun watching their winged neighbors make use of their handiwork. And remember to fill the house with bird seed to attract the birds faster! When the project is done, you and your kids can always continue the fun with our little bird in our Lipa Eggs game, which develops abstract thinking skills and creativity.