This amazing homemade dough will delight every kid’s senses. It’s easy to prepare and it brings hours of creative, inventive fun.

The thing that makes cloud dough such a fantastic indoor activity is the fact that you always have these ingredients at home. All you need is flour and oil. To make it more fun and enjoyable for kids, we are going to use sweet food powders and create a scented cloud dough. Check it out:

Make your own cloud dough


It’s similar to the moon sand you can buy in stores. All you need is 8 cups of flour and 1 cup of oil (you can even use baby oil if you want to give your little sculptors’ hands an extra boost of moisture).

Put it all in a bowl and knead these 2 ingredients with your hand until the dough becomes moldable.

Scent your cloud dough with food powders

To make this home activity even more fun, we’ve decided to choose some of the kids’ favorite scents, such as cocoa powder,



organic coconut powder,


and raw almond powder.


To each separate bowl of dough add a cup of powder and have three amazing scents to play with. (Just make sure the kids don’t decide it smells good enough to eat!)

Cloud Dough 2.0


Apart from improving a bland cup of hot cocoa, marshmallows can do magic with this sensory cloud dough, too. Spread a handful of marshmallows all over the mixtures you’ve prepared—it will not only look attractive for your sculptors, but it will add another layer of sensory fun.

Let the little fingers touch and knead


Keep little fingers busy by suggesting shapes and creations they can mold for you. Let them use the plastic play dough cutters to make beautiful stars, hearts, and other shapes. See them express their natural creativity through shaping and molding.

If you need more ideas, our teacher Wenone has some useful advice about How to make a homemade play dough with eco-friendly dyes and scents. Also, check out our Pinterest board where you can find more amazing cloud dough ideas.

Have a fantastic time kneading, exploring, creating and scenting with your sculptors-in-training!