It’s time to make kids’ most favorite snow sculpture – snowman!’ Lipa snowman can be made anywhere in the world, regardless of the seasons. Kids don’t need snow to build our snowman. Isn’t that fantastic?

Paper snowman

Snowman-LV Our snowman has been making everyone happy from early December. We introduced him to you with our special Facebook cover page and wished you a Happy New Year with our celebrating crew. This time, we are introducing our snowman in a different way. Check it out!

Download and dress up your snowman

dress-up-snowman Brrrrr…Our snowman is outside, but needs some clothes! Kids can choose the clothes for him and dress him up the way they like. How to dress the snowman? Let’s see:

  • Download the snowman and his clothes here
  • Cut out the snowman
  • Cut out the clothes (together with the white extensions on the clothes)
  • Glue the snowman on a thicker paper (to make him a bit firm)
  • Use the white extensions to attach the desired clothes on the snowman
  • You child can change clothes and enjoy the play
  • Use his clothes to draw and shape more with a pencil (and let a child color them)

World’s famous snowmen

If you wish to spice up your snowman activity with other interesting things about snowman, take a look at these world famous snowmen: The Snowman, British picture book by Raymond Briggs has also been animated by Dianne Jackson. It’s about a boy who builds a snowman that comes alive and takes him to the North Pole. We have always loved this story! Hans Christian Andersen wrote a winter fairy story, The Snowman. The one who your kids probably love – The 2013 film Frozen and the living snowman named Olaf who dreams about seeing summer. Also, the unforgettable snowman song every kid knows about “Do you wanna build a snowman?“. Have a fantastic time dressing up your special snowman and feel free to send us your work, we’d love to see it. Hugs and kisses from Lipa!