Dear parents and teachers, what will you be reading to your kids this week?

As you already know, Lipa Learning is cultivating early reading habits to help kids develop a lifelong love of books. We encourage parents to read to their little ones and help them develop a habit of every-day reading before they start school. This will help them adapt to school duties more easily. But that is not the only benefit of early reading.

The importance of an early reading habit


What happens with children’s mind once they develop an early reading habit? Reading helps them learn more about the world around them. This is what develops their interest in other cultures and shapes them into open-minded people with a habit of positive thinking, asking questions and seeking solutions.

Early reading develops their vocabulary and improves their concentration. So, how to start instilling the early reading habit? Motivate them. Be a good example yourself and let them take reading as a regular every-day activity the family is doing.

Children develop motivation to read by being read to often, learning firsthand the pleasures that reading can bring

Susan B. Neuman, Ph.D, director of the Center for the Improvement of Early Reading Achievement at the University of Michigan

eBooks for you this week


Technology and education go hand in hand. That’s why we encourage interactive reading and invite parents and teachers to involve with 2 senses while reading – eye and touch. Here our 3 ebooks we choose this week. We’re sure kids will love them!

Baby With a Mustache by Riley Weber

Baby With a Mustache is a lovely picture book that will make your kids laugh. It’s about the only baby in the world with a mustache. His name is Tommy and he  shows some pretty creative skills of using mustaches. The book includes funny jokes about mustaches, which is another reason why your kids will love this book.

Check out other Riley Weber’s books for kids. The list is fantastic!

Whats Book by Tanveer Ahmed

There is not only 1 Whats Book but 4. They all have something in common – a collection of moral stories. Kids will enjoy a variety of interesting stories which mostly include their favorite animals.

Also, find other kids’ books by Tanveer Ahmed and enjoy reading with your kids.

The Magical Repair Shop – The Bouncy Scarf by Gilian Rogerson

The Magical Repair Shop – The Bouncy Scarf is a story full of magic. Kids will love this extraordinary repair shop, in which items show up by magic inside the Repairs In box. We loved this magical world of  Gillian Rogerson and her cute characters that will make you all smile.

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Stay tuned for more from these fantastic authors and don’t forget to read with your child every day. Love from Lipa.