For most parents, the upcoming festive season in February is super important—it’s carnival time!

No doubt your kids will have many ideas on the subject of their costumes and characters. The choices are endless: princesses and princes, superheroes and heroines, any recently famous Disney characters (“You want to be Elsa from Frozen again, sweetheart?”), causing every parent to go mad trying to find the perfect costumes. Some of you with extraordinary skills will sew the costumes, others will buy them, borrow them, or simply improvise minutes before the party (don’t worry—we understand).

But Lipa is here with a particularly popular solution: go pirate! A tried and true favorite amongst children of all backgrounds and ages, a pirate-themed celebration is sure to ignite your children’s imaginations.

Pirate Dress Up


To emphasize the success of pirate dress up, the Lipa team is donning breeches and boots, hooks and swords, for the optimal carnival-inspired environment this February.

Here are some ways you and your kids can do the same.

Pirate costume sources:

  • Thankfully, some of the coolest pirate costumes for kids are found online
  • Or reveal your inner costume designer by making your own pirate costume (complete with eye patch) as shown on Kidspot video
  • Looking for a more involved costume-making idea? Check out the one on Martha Stewart by style editor Tom Tamborello
  • Enjoy pirates activities created by Betty Birney

Munch on the Perfect Pirate Snacks



What kind of pirate party would it be if there wasn’t any rum cake around? (Just kidding. Your little pirates should probably consume rum-less desserts.) Luckily we can make any kind of cake (besides the one mentioned previously) as long as we decorate it with proper scallywag-ish pirate decorations.

DIY pirate ship


Your mini pirates can’t walk the plank without a ship—so here are some ideas on how to make a ship with materials you can find in your own home.

  • A paper ship would be the easiest one since all you need to do is fold sides
  • A cardboard ship takes a bit longer, but it’s fun and it gives you more room to express your creativity
  • An Egg carton pirate ship is another fantastic idea if you’ve scarfed down all your eggs recently
  • A pirate ship on a birthday card is a great idea, especially if your kids are eager to write some fun pirate rules inside (or just draw the dreaded Black Spot)

You can also take a look at our Pirates board on Pinterest and find many other amazing ideas for your little Davy Joneses.

 Hook the treasure!


Out of the thousands of pirate-themed games that exist, our favorite is Hook the treasure. It’s fun, active, and it makes us laugh. Here’s what you need:

  • 2 Treasure chests
  • Beaded necklaces (different colors according to the number of teams you will have)
  • 2 hooks (kid-friendly hooks made of plastic or cardboard, or you can just use an umbrella)

How to play:

  • Put the treasure chest on the floor (one end of the room/classroom)
  • Scatter the necklaces across the floor
  • Divide teams
  • Assign a color to each team (the teams should line up on the other side of the room)
  • A player from each team carries a hook
  • The player has 30 seconds to pick up their team’s necklaces with the hook and put them in their treasure chest
  • The team with the most necklaces in the treasure chest is the winner

Have a fantastic and super fun pirate paaaaaaarrrrty! (sorry). Stay tuned for more fun times from Lipa!