A cute holiday addition to any table: shape your snacks with the help of heart-shaped cookie-cutters. Check out some of our ideas!

Quick heart-shaped snacks

Collage Food

Breakfast with heart-shaped toast

Heart-shaped cookie cutters are pretty amazing when it comes to food shaping, and prove drastically easier than cutting with a regular kitchen knife. Create a mosaic of heart snacks with different sized cookie-cutters and surprise your child this Valentine’s Day!

Shaping your breakfast toasts

Make your own breakfast toast and shape it with a heart-shaped cutter. And don’t forget the butter—that can be shaped too! Try this gluten-free recipe for the French raisin toast we found on Pure Bread Bakery.

Biscuit base when guests arrive

When you’re having guests over, make a simple biscuit sliced in half as a base, and use the heart-shaped cookie cutter to shape it into many smaller hearts. You can top them with variety of food decorations and creams.

Potato snack

Another cute idea is to create thick slices of potato and, before putting them into the oven or frying pan, follow one more easy step and press each slice with the heart-shaped cookie cutter for a fun potato snack your kids won’t soon forget.


No need to use cookie cutters with hotdogs: all you have to do is cut slantwise both sides of the hotdog and connect them with a toothpick (see the image above).

Enjoy your fun Valentine’s cooking with your kids!