Why is Valentine’s Day so special?

We enjoy all special days that involve love and understanding. This is why this Valentine’s Day Lipa is bringing a special surprise for everyone. Our Lipa Knight Valentine’s Edition is out with a Valentine’s content and a LOVE-ly environment for your and your kids to enjoy during the season.

Now it’s even more fun to cross rivers and valleys in our fairytale and see our little ones develop their science skills along the way!

Download Lipa Knight Valentine’s Edition on the App Store - and soon enough on Google Play as well.

Other ways to enjoy Lipa Knight Valentine’s Edition


We have created Lipa Knight Valentine’s memory game for you, too! You can play it in your classroom or at home. All you have to do is:

Download Lipa Knight Valentine’s memory game here

When you have your cards printed out, here is how to prepare them for the game:

  • Cut the cards 1 by 1
  • Glue each on a square-shaped cardboard surface
  • Turn the cards face down and play the memory game all day long

Who is your Valentine?


Teachers and parents, this Valentine’s Day you can take advantage of your circle or relaxing time with kids to talk about their feelings. It’s great to ask questions such as “Who is your Valentine this year?” and encourage kids to talk about how they feel about each other. Find out what kind of surprises they would like to give to their Valentines and make time to create them together.

You can use some of Lipa’s Valentine’s ideas we’ve recently wrote about.

There we go, we already have 3 interesting Valentine’s things to do so far:

  • Play Lipa Knight Valentine’s edition
  • Play with Lipa Knight memory cards
  • Make fun heart-shaped arts and crafts 

So, enjoy getting ready for the Valentine’s Day with kids and share special moments and a few big laughs together.