Have you ever wanted to use your summer activities during winter? Or maybe winter arts and crafts for your summer school workshops? Or your Christmas decorations for birthday decorations?

It’s fun to redo and reuse ideas that we’ve used in some other previous activities. This will also make children widen their creativity while making something new out of old.

Winter fun crafts

All these winter activities can be done any time, during any season. If you’ll be creating Valentine’s Day activities, the main thing is to add red color and anything that is heart-shaped. If your kids love making a paper or fabric snowman, adjust the snowman’s clothes, colors or accessories according to the season.

Let’s take a look at how you can transform a simple snowman into a fun project all year long:


Turn your snowman into a sunman and make him yellow with a sun-like face.

Autumn and spring

Turn your snowman into a scarecrow and use straw and hay to create its body. Common autumn colors are brown, green, orange, yellow and red. Girls can aslo make a flowerman during springtime.

Christmas gift wrappings

This board is fantastic to be used any time you have a gift for somebody. If you’re planning on making lovely presents with your kids this Valentine’s Day, find inspiration in Christmas gifts. You can turn…

  • Little Christmas tree into little Valentine’s hearts
  • Christmas patterns into Valentine’s patterns
  • Santa Claus into Cupid
  • Reindeer into love keys (for unlocking hearts)
  • Snowflakes into flowers

Winter birdhouse project

If you joined us during our birdhouse project you already have your birdhouse to reuse for other occasions and seasons. This Valentine’s, help your birds fall in love by painting their house red and adding a few hearts for additional decoration.

For springtime, you can redecorate their house with flowers and different colors, such as blue, yellow, pink, violet or magneta, or simply place your birdhouse somewhere in the garden where lots of flowers and herbs grow.

Carve & craft your Halloween pumpkin

For seasons like winter, spring and summer, you can use other fantastic fruits and vegetables to shape, carve or even craft your ideas.


Take apples to carve hearts inside. You will need a smaller heart-shaped cookie cutter to make a heart-shaped hole in your apple which you can later fill with other food ingredients, such as cottage cheese, caramel or grated carrots. The mixture of colors and flavours will delight your little ones.


You can use fresh lemons to make a variety of different shapes to decorate your dinner. Make hearts, stars, butterflies, teddy bears and even a batman’s image with a variety of cookie cutters, and and place them all around your chicken, duck or fish meals.


During summer you can carve a strawberry or a watermelon. It’ll be fun and delicious for the whole family.

Autumn arts and crafts for kids

You can use this board for an outdoor inspiration. Spend time outside with kids to explore and see what nature gives during each seasons and months. You will find a variety of interesting nature’s gifts you can then take home or to your classroom to create decorations and widen kids’ creativity.

Anything you find will be interesting for your little ones to paint, glue, cut or shape into a wonderful art. For example, we enjoy collecting pebbles during summertime. We use colors and patterns to create unique images, and then we use them for our table, wall or garden decorations.

Have fun and…


…Enjoy your time together and you’ll be amazed to see the wonderful creations and ideas being redone and reused for many different activities throughout the year.

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