“Dinner is ready! Wash your hands!”. This is one of the most-used sentences heard in almost everyone’s childhood. To children it often sounds annoying, but to us it reflects one of the basic foundations of parental wisdom. What we should bear in mind, though, is that good hygiene habits aren’t just about washing our hands and brushing our teeth. We believe that a clean body should go hand-in-hand with a clean and calm mind. Don’t worry, you don’t need any soap or toothpaste to scrub your mind. Just relax, take a deep breath, and read on…

Express Gratitude

Life can be full of stress, but it doesn’t have to be. Often, it simply depends on your perspective. Don’t forget that children learn positive thinking from you. We don’t mean overlooking your problems, but rather looking on the bright side. After all, if you look into the sun, all the shadows will stay behind you. One way to train for positive thinking–and we can include our children in this–is to express gratitude for all that we have. You can learn to say thank you for the simple things in our everyday lives, be it for the birds in the sky or for the fact that we are together and have delicious food to put in our bellies.

According to some interesting research by Dr. Masaru Emoto, our thoughts have great power as they can even influence the consistency of water. If this is true, you may be able to increase water quality just by sending positive thoughts in its direction. Check out this video to get a clear picture: www.youtube.com/watch?v=tAvzsjcBtx8.

It needs to be said that some scientists have criticized Dr. Emoto’s experiments. However, even if you think it’s a crazy idea, you can still allow this practice to have a positive effect on your mind. After all, water is miraculous. Even in churches, people use holy water together with their prayers. So why not use it to express our gratitude through a short water prayer? We can even try to make it rhyme. Who knows, we may even discover a small poet in our offspring.

Laughter and Giggles

When you laugh, your brain releases chemical substances that ease pain and stress. Humor helps you relax and put things into a better perspective. See the humorous side of life and have fun with your kids. Together you can laugh about silly jokes and funny stories. Talk to them about funny characters in movies, such as the silly snowman from the Disney movie Frozen. You can even imagine together what would happen if one suddenly appeared in your house.

Children love nonsense, crazy pictures, and certainly playing with words. Why not invent your own crazy language? Speaking gibberish is likely to bring you lots of happy giggles. You can have funny faces or a laughing competition. Don’t be afraid to laugh like an elephant, a crazy witch, or invent your very own silly laugh. Rolling in laughter or crying with tears of joy together with your children is a great and healing experience.

Guided Meditation and Visualization

Meditation is an old technique that helps us to relax and open our minds. Its benefits have been well proven and it’s now used in the corporate world as well as in nursery schools. Guided meditation and visualization means that someone is guiding you by narrating a story or describing some wonderful scene that you imagine, just like if you were playing a movie in your head. This powerful technique has been used by shamans, who used guided meditation to travel to different worlds and meet their power animals.

Apart from relaxation, guided visualization develops children’s imagination. You can work with stories, music, the sounds of the ocean or forest, or simply lay down in nature, close your eyes and listen to what’s around. Guided meditations take you to safe and comfortable places, like an island of calm, an enchanted forest, or a gentle ocean. They usually start with simple breathing relaxation. You can use child-friendly images for your meditation, such as balloons. This guided imagination practice can help kids calm down when they are worried. Let your children find a comfortable place and imagine a big balloon coming towards them. Then ask them to visualize its colors and texture, and watch how it slowly approaches through the sky. Ask them to put all their worries into the balloon, one by one. Then watch the balloon float away in the sky and wait until it pops and all their worries disappear.

You can incorporate an element of a guessing game with this or a similar exercise: “You are floating on water, gentle waves are washing around your body, warm water surrounds you. The sun is warming your wooden body and the wind gently blows into your sails… Who are you?”

If you prefer someone else to do the talking, check YouTube. There you can find several good guided meditations for children, like the one that takes you on an adventurous Hot Air Balloon Ride: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=vlv6Y1tq1sQ. Along the way, you’ll meet your animal guide and visit a zoo. Have a safe journey and a clean mind!