What You’ll Need:
- A baking mould, ideally with a hole in the middle
- Water
- Natural materials
- Tea light

How To Do It:

1. Before you start making the candle holder, pick some materials from outside. The more colourful, the better. Pick red rowanberries or rosehips, add something green— a couple of ivy leaves or another outdoor plant. It is also a good idea to pick some grass, moss, sticks, and small pinecones.

2. Prepare the baking mould and a jug of water.

3. Start arranging the material in the mould. Remember that it will float, so it is necessary to create layers. Put the red berries on the bottom and pour some water over them.

4. Put the mould outside. If it’s not freezing outside, put it in the freezer.

5. When the thin layer of water with berries freezes, continue with another layer and so on. Finish when you have filled the entire mould.


6. When the form is completely frozen and ice forms, tip the ice out of the mould. If it doesn’t work, turn the mould around and pour some hot water over it. The ice will melt a little and detach itself from the sides of the mould. Then you will be able to tip it out easily.

7. Put the ice candle holder in the garden or on the terrace. Place a tea light in the middle and enjoy your special ice lantern. It will last as long as it’s freezing outside.