Dear Villagers, we’d like to introduce you to a loving story of bravery, which will help any child who has ever been afraid.

the bravest of the brave

The Bravest of The Brave

Author: Shutta Crum

The Bravest of The Brave is a rhyming story of a tiny skunk who is walking home through the forest.  As he is not quite relaxed walking alone, he decides to sing and dance to scare away the forest creatures. Fun illustrations and counting style is perfect for early age, as well as the toddlers who fear dark or imaginary creatures.

Late one day I hurried home,
Stepping through the wood alone.
It was deep and dim; I could barely see.
But I thought brave thoughts to comfort me.


Praise on Goodread:

I think this is a fun tale of bravery. It is a fun read for students and a good book to have in a classroom library.

Very cute! We read this one on repeat at our house.

What a great story for children who want to be a little bit braver. While counting and rhyming, the story shows our little friend on his way home. I love the art work and this is a book I would enjoy owning someday. I collect children’s books. Recommended for ages 0 and above, adults included. :)

Love this book! The illustrations are great and offer the reader opportunities to use their imagination and see the characters’ action and emotions from different points of view. The text was great, simple and keeps readers engaged.