One of the best ways to boost, as well as to use your and kids’ imagination is to combine it with physical movement. Any sport you choose for your classroom is a good solution, but there is one activity that will bring magic among kids – dance.

Before you start thinking about what to do with boys while girls will be dancing, Lipa Village will help you prepare your preschoolers for dancing, regardless of their gender and interest. Our main goal is to see everybody enjoying it.

Storytelling and dance go together

If you plan on introducing dance to your classroom, the best way to do so is to make a story in which everybody will want to participate. Plain moves with counting the rhythm might be a bad idea for preschoolers, and their thirst for imagination might not be satisfied. Due to that, you might experience lack of interest and concentration. Therefore, prepare a story. It can be your own story or the one you found in kids’ books. Choose something with variety of characters, or separate kids into smaller groups, each of which will have the role to play. Before you do all this, it would be a good idea to tell the story first, and maybe leave the ending part up to their imagination, or witness the excitement for finding the ending with movements and music.

Steps to include

Give your kids some time to think about how they would express a certain situation in the story with a movement. You might be surprised with some ideas you’ll get from them. Encourage the shy ones to stand in front and show how good they are, assign tasks for more confident kids to help their shy fellows grow courage and put a smile on their face. It’s very important that everybody is enjoying it.

Feet, arms, face expression, feeling

There are 4 key points you can focus on during introducing dance to your classroom, and the key points play an important role in performing later in front of parents.
First, let’s explain feet. Unlike sport, where kids put on firm sneakers and where it is highly important to have soles on the ground, dancing is all about light steps and relaxed feet. Everything you show to your kids requires standing on the toes, pointing toes, stretching feet and walking softly. This can be your starting point. It’s a great way to see who has light steps and work closely with the ones who walk tensely. This doesn’t even require music and it’s good to do it in silence at first, to be able to hear the sounds of their feet.

Once you get the feet light and they start making less noise, you can add arms to their moving. This is good for coordination and motor skills as kids now need to synchronize arms doing one action while feet doing another. Change tempo and moving style to make it fun and interesting.
You might want to focus on their face expression, too. The reason for this is simple: kids can’t pretend. Everything you want to know is clearly seen in their face expression. You will know who is enjoying and who’s not. You will also be able to tell who has successfully entered the spirit and started to be the part of your story. Those ones will show their excitement and other feelings with a certain face expression in each situation. This is where face expression and feeling go together.

Few shorter sequences in 1 story

With preschoolers, it’s always better to choose a few shorter sequences because of their age and inability to sustain the concentration for too long. What you can do is, form a variety of short sequences where they will include their imagination. This is perfect to help them remember the steps more easily while at the same time they can enjoy and have fun with their peers. Once you rehearsed and practiced the chosen sequences, try to combine them with 1 story which you will be able to recite in front of parents at the day of the performance. The most important thing is to teach the class when to stop one sequence and when to start another one. In between the sequences, you or kids should go on with telling the story. By the end of the show, you will have everybody enjoying the perfect combination of the storytelling and dance performance.

Yes, we are absolutely sure you will do amazing movement activity with your class!

If you need help, Lipa Village would be happy to hear from you. In the meantime, we’d like to introduce you to a few fun ideas you can include in your dance lesson.

Have a great time!