Hooray! Today is the first day of Autumn!

It’s the season known for leaves shedding, harvest, apples, chestnuts and pumpkins. Lipa Village is going to enjoy this beautiful season. We’ll spend most of our time outdoors collecting acorns and chestnuts for some fun home and school decoration. Come and join us!

Walking on the red, brown and yellow leaves


Long Autumn walks are our favorite! We put on our rain boots and have fun rustling the leaves on the ground, filling our baskets with them as well as with acorns and chestnuts. After some fun times outdoors, we make a variety of decorations from the collected Autumn fruits.

For more Autumn arts and craft ideas, take a look at our Lipa Autumn board on Pinterest.

Welcome Autumn with fun family activity


Collage autumn

As the leaves turn brown, the environment looks amazingly beautiful. When you look outside your window, you want to jump out and join the enchanting colors of Autumn. so, how about you do a nice activity together to greet Autumn and celebrate its arrival?

You can go bike riding through the nearest forest and explore the nature, you can go kite running like our cute mole, but you can also do a treasure hunt in your garden. If you’ve collected the colorful leaves, chose a few of them and hide them your in the garden. Before you do so, mark them with a sign that will be recognizable for those ones who hunt. Ask questions about Autumn, but make sure you adopt them to your children’s age. Once you ask the question, each child start hunting for the leaf. The one who finds it gets the chance to answer your question before others. If the answer is correct, you can swap places and then the winning child can ask questions and hide the leaves.

Autumn collage


Ok our Villagers, we came upon this very interesting video that shows how to do an Autumn collage. The whole family can engage with it and make separate crafts which, later, you can combine in 1 big family collage.

Enjoy the first day of Autumn and stay tuned for more fun Autumn activities by Lipa Village!