Being positive in every life situation is highly recommendable, but sometimes very difficult. Happiness is something we all aim for, but most of the times we forget that happiness starts with our mind-set. Deciding to be happy is one of the stages of positive thinking and we’ll help you create that stage during your children’s early age. Day-to-day activities bring out many different emotions and a good thing to do is embed positive thinking into all of them.

Solve problems, don’t complain

Being able to find solution to any problem is the kind of advantage that will provide success and happiness throughout your children’s whole life. This is something some kids are born with while others have to train it. However, to be absolutely sure that your children will grow up being positive thinkers, you have to push and grow  that state of mind in day-to-day activities and situations from their early age. It’s also smart to talk about your grown up problems without complaining, but rather with an idea of solution. Children can hear us talking to our spouses or other grown up members of our family, so to be a good example, a wise thing to do is to talk about solutions and plans with a problem solving vibe.

For example, you may have had a bad day at work. You feel like complaining about it to your spouse at the dinner. Don’t forget that your kids are at the table and that even if they pretend to do something else, it is most likely they are soaking up on every word you say. Therefore, turn your complaining into problem solving, and leave the complaining part for later. Don’t hesitate to say it out loud what a difficult day you’ve had, but talk in a positive tone and use solution-oriented words.

Embrace tolerance and coexistence


One of the best ways to start raising positive thinkers is to direct your children towards tolerance by showing appreciation to differences in people. Embrace the differences together, because this is where the first step to positive thinking is mastered. Socializing is one of the most important part of children’s growing up, so teaching them to separate people into only 2 groups, good and bad, builds acceptable relationships with their peers and at the same time helps them distinguish good from bad behaviour. If you want to raise positive thinkers, make sure your children are blind to skin color, religion, language differences, music taste, nationality, culture and other irrelevant characteristics. This will also help them feel better about themselves.

Ambition and hard work pays off

Thinking that children will be ambitious and passionate about their jobs if you let them do nothing after school, with an argument “She’s too young to have such a busy day”, is a wrong way of thinking. What is the best way for helping your child understand that hard work is the only acceptable option? Pushing them into a variety of activities throughout the week. There will be a weekend for relaxing, but don’t let them waste their precious time and crucial age with doing nothing but going to school. Growing up in urban areas is a serious thing. Cities are fast, chaotic and demanding. That is exactly what they will require in your children once they grow up. If they don’t learn to keep up with a busy life, they will have a hard time succeeding and staying happy. Also, during their early age, it is necessary for them to understand that hard work, ambition and persistence is not an option. It is the only acceptable life style now and in the future.

Develop their talent


Pay a detailed attention to the skills and talents your children have. Some might be good mathematicians, others are best at art. Some might master foreign languages within no time, others will play football like Messi. Whatever makes your children smile is what they enjoy doing, so focus on that and help them sharpen and polish their skills. This will be highly effective in their selection of collage, searching for a job or starting their own company. Focusing on your children’s talents provide better confidence, because they will have an opportunity to do what they are best at. This will also root self esteem deep inside their minds. They will be happy about themselves and they will make everybody else happy around them.

Do cool stuff with them

Go to rock concerts together, visit cool exhibitions, travel and do some grown up stuff to make them feel a part of your world. Let them socialize with your friends outside of your home. Take them to coffee meetings with your friends, shopping or a business meeting. They will love to see you in different situations and they will imagine themselves in your shoes. Don’t just keep them in baby shoes and play only baby music. They should meet the world of grown ups and talk to you about it. Encourage them to share secrets like falling in love or expressing affection to someone. It opens a soul and brings a happy feeling. Help them get rid of shame (unless they do something wrong), don’t be embarrassed to talk about any subject, tell mischievous stories from the time when you were young, smile and praise them. When they see you smiling at everything, they will do the same.