Dear Villagers, today we have a special story to recommend. We’re sure most of you have already heard about this great man.

Johnny Appleseed


Johnny Appleseed

Author: Jodie Shepherd

Johnny Appleseed is an American legend. He was born on September 26, 1774, and became well known for introducing apple trees to Pennsylvania, Ohio, Indiana and Illinois, and spreading apple seeds everywhere he went. He was also famous for his generosity and became an inspiration to many writers, musicians and even film makers (Disney).
Today, we’d like to introduce you to this beautifully illustrated book named Johnny Appleseed which tells a story about a young boy who loved playing outdoors. This young boy eventually grew up being a generous man, in love with nature. Children will enjoy this enchanting story and learn about generosity and American legend.
Autumn is here, that’s why we thought now it’s the perfect time for this story. Hope you enjoy it and have an apple right after reading.
Praise on Goodreads:

This an adorable historical fiction book geared for nursery school children. The imagery is simple and colorful.

This book can be used to do a sequencing activity. The sequence activity can be the steps to planting an apple tree.

This book is the perfect book to start the unit off with so the children know why he’s so important.

Nicely written book about Johnny Appleseed. I like how there are repetitive little chants throughout the book.