Today, September 26, is the European Day of Languages – a day known for encouraging language learning across Europe. Knowing that there are 225 indigenous languages in Europe, and that they represent 3% of the world’s total, it is the perfect opportunity to support language diversity, learning and multilingualism.

The most popular languages in Europe

Regardless of the fact that English is the most popular language in Europe, Russian language has been the most widespread European language, with 150 million of Europeans speaking it. Approximately 95 million of Europeans speak German, 80 million speak Turkish while both English and French are spoken by 65 million. Spanish is spoken by 40 million, and 60 million of Europeans speak Italian. If you walk along the streets of London, you can hear over 250 different languages, which makes this city the most linguistically diverse city in the world.

Hello intercultural Europe!

On this day, intercultural understanding and awareness is what Europe focuses on. Promotion of the rich linguistic and cultural diversity of Europe is one of the Day’s objectives while teachers around Europe prepare different activities and materials to show support in their classrooms.

Multilingualism improves cultural empathy

Globalization has turned focus on multilingualism as something which is no longer an option but rather a need. Multilingual people are proved to be quicker and faster when it comes to finding solutions and solving conflicts. They also have better social skills and cultural empathy. Of course, all of this makes them more open-minded.

Lipa Learning games in different languages

We are very proud to be a part of this important day. All Lipa Learning educational games are created in 3 different European languages – English, Spanish and Russian, as well as Chinese and Mexican Spanish.

We support learning and put education on a higher level with games providing essential life skills, such as language, science, creativity, math and fundamentals. We create fun and interactive learning environment where we encourage children to explore while having fun, hence learn and improve their skills. Our curriculum creates a developmental learning experience for children, covers 5 essential early learning areas and provides an unforgettable learning adventure.

Enabling a lifelong love of learning is something we enjoy doing. Join us and download our games for free on the App Store and Google Play. We are also happy to announce our complete Lipa portfolio soon to be available on Google Play this October. Together we can change education!


Lipa Mole