Hello our Lipa Villagers!
We know you enjoy rope skipping. Therefore, we would like to challenge you all to join us with these 3 rope skipping games. Sounds likes fun? Let’s start!

Horse- jump rope skipping


We call it the easiest one because all you have to master is the rope spinning. The legs jump smoothly one after another in a horse-jump style. You can do it by standing in one spot or by jumping forward (even backwards). You can try and compete with your father on how long each of you stay focused. Use music or counting to keep the beat. Good luck!

Long-rope skipping with more friends


For this one, you might want to ask more of your friends to join in. We’re sure they won’t mind. So, while the horse- jump rope skipping includes 2 players, this long-rope skipping needs 4 of you to participate. Two of you can hold the rope (one by each side), while other two jump over as the rope spins. Cool, don’t you think? You can separate into teams and exchange sides. The team who smoothly jumps over the rope without stopping, continues jumping until they make a mistake. Measure your time. The team with a longer time is the winner!

Double Dutch for the bravest!


Now that you have successfully finished the first two, it’s time for another level. This time, we need 4 of you again, but 1 extra rope. Divide yourselves into teams. The first teams to hold the ropes should face each other and hold ropes by each side. The ropes should be moving in opposite directions: when one is up, the other one should be down. As the ropes alternately hit the ground, the jumping team is expected to skip the rope on the ground. But beware, both ropes turn fast and it takes time to get adjust to the tempo and the rhythm.
Good luck with competing, make photos so you can motivate the teams to learn and improve!