Radka is truly a children’s person who enjoys working with children of all ages. She was a preschool teacher in different English preschools as well as he  worked as a speech therapist and volunteered as a teaching assistant in an elementary school for children with special needs in Vinohrady, Prague. Radka is successful at building beautiful relationships with preschool children. She focuses on their education and development and that is why we are very happy to have Radka joining us to test all Lipa games.

As she explains in her article, the first years of a child’s life are the most important for their progress. They develop speech, motor skills, sight and hearing abilities all within the first two years. Whilst these skills may appear simple to us adults, Radka says that to them it’s the equivalent of learning to ride a unicycle, a foreign language and quantum electrodynamics all at once.

According to Radka’s opinion, technology has revolutionized speech and language therapy. She claims that even the smallest of stutters can be helped by the use of a mobile device. She also mentions: The Benefits of New Technology: Speech-Language therapy using the iTouch by Tracy Sippl as one of the great articles to illustrate her point. In it, Sippl cites numerous examples of how technology can be used to help young learners with speech and language issues. She herself uses applications such as: Emotions, Face Cards, Going Places and Every Day for therapy and educational purposes.



Lipa Learning games aim for that same goal. They can provide you and your child with great support to overcome some common difficulties. Download the rest of Radka’s inspirational text and enjoy the very clear speech development milestones she has included in her article.