Hello our Lipa Villagers!

If you are a teacher or a parent to cheeky and mischievous kids, we’ve got that thing that’s been a fun outdoor and indoor activity to many generations – hula hoop! Let’s bring it on!

Music and hoop’s size


The best way to practice long hula hooping is in a rhythm of the children’s favorite music. First, we start off with choosing the hula hoops that reach the kids’ waists or chest when they stand on the hula hoop’s side. We advise beginners to choose slightly bigger hula hoops because they spin a bit slower and that way give the beginners more time to adjust to the rhythm of the hoop. Pick 3 different music tempos, from slow to fast, and make sure everybody has got their hula hoops ready. Play the slower music (don’t choose the one that is too slow because it would be impossible to spin the hoop). Try to explain to each child how to adjust the hula hoop on her a little bit above the waist and go!

Change the music tempo as the kids adjust to the rhythm and waste no time explaining how the waste should work, because they will manage it sooner if they don’t think about it. It’s what body does on its own.

Playlists for hula hooping parties


As hula hooping can be of great fun, it can also provide cool competition games that your kids can play when having friends over, a birthday party or even a pajama party. The winners are always the ones who hula hoop longer than others, and a prize can vary from school supplies to food or movie tickets. For competitions and party games, we suggest creating playlists on your devices or social media channels, such as You Tube. The playlist duration is up to the competitors’ experience in hula hooping and it can also be formed in a slow to fast music list.

If you are a very strong hula hooping fan, check out the worldwide hooping community and join in for some interesting hooping news.


There we go. It’s all set and ready! Now we count to 3 and start hula hooping.
1, 2, 3, Go!!