Do you know what is the fastest growing industry in the world? It’s engineering!

Exposing your kids to technology, science, math and engineering motivates their curiosity for this industry from their early age.  Engineering means creating practical solutions, inventing and designing things that have a meaning to the community. Engineers are often seen as people who change the world. This could be a very inspiring fact for our little ones – don’t they all want to change the world?

Boost engineering skills with Lipa Learning


Toddlers and preschoolers can start working on their engineering future with us! We help them develop their prediction, recognition and science skills with our award-winning games Lipa Train, Lipa Knight, Lipa Pairs. Also, developing their fundamental skills was one of our tasks, too. With fun Lipa Zoo kids can explore and develop their fine motor skills, while exploring and learning math with Lipa Frog and Lipa Splash has never been more fun!

Books for little engineers


Bedtime stories can also be engaging and useful for young, curious engineers. We found our favorite ones for you:

How engineers change our world, by Patty O’Brien Novak

Tinkering: Kids learn by making stuff, by Curt Gabrielson

Rocks, Jeans and Busy Machines, by Alane Rivera

Toys for raising kids’ interests in engineering

Researchers from Kyoto University and electronics company, Murata Manufacturing, have recently produced these robot cheerleaders who move around with pom-poms in their hands and keep balance on 3 gyro sensors. The fun cheerleaders include infrared sensors which sense each others’ locations and keep them from colliding. The main reason for their creation was to try to raise kids’ interest in the field of engineering. Check out the video published just a few days ago.