Is your imagination as colorful as your child’s? Can you express your imagination and share it with others?

To successfully train your children’s imagination from the early age, reading stories and doing plays might be very helpful. As memory and imagination are proven to be affected by one another, sharping the imagination skills would certainly be helpful for creative and artistic expression, which later in life can be of high value.

Believe it or not, you can include imagination in just about anything you do, from cooking to playing, visiting friends or taking a walk. If you can end a day by reading a nice story to your child, then we have 2 tips for motivating imagination at home.

Magic mornings bring smile to everyone’s face


You can use a little magic for early mornings, which are usually exhausting and annoying. Instead of talking loud and rushing everybody to leave for work, school or day care, you can have fun times with imagination. Play a relaxed music, such as birds or ocean sound. Whisper to your child’s ear and say you are a morning fairy who’s here to wish you a happy day. Show a magic wand (it can be a spoon if you don’t come up with any other).

Use stickers to write down a few morning wishes (such as a certain breakfast, music or a song that you might have to sing). Let your child pick the morning wish by choosing one of the stickers. Make you child’s wish come true, but only if he or she leaves the bed immediately, gets up and get ready to leave. When a child does his or her part, a fairy will do the same. Everybody is happy and ready to leave the house with a smile on their faces. Yes, we know, this will most probably be possible if you wake up at least 30 minutes earlier, but hey, it’s absolutely worth it! Your child will be anxious to get out of bed the next morning, which will leave you, the fairy, with less work.
Eventually, our dear fairy, the morning rituals might turn into magic mornings full of laughs, fun and joy!


Kingdom dinner preparations for kings and queens


This is really interesting. We’re sure your child will love it!

Pretend your child is a king or a queen. The majesty needs a beautiful dinner! You can prepare the royal dinner, but make sure your majesty understands his or her duties as a ruler of your kingdom. Kings and queen run an army. Yes, they do. Army obeys whatever the king or the queen say. Therefore, while the servant is getting the dinner ready, king or queen need to give orders to their army. And where is the army, you might wonder? It’s in the bedroom! Your majesty is running a toy army that has been waiting for new rules. The king or the queen must make orders for the army to behave. One of the main orders can be tidiness. The dinner will not be served until the room is tidy. Make sure your majesty doesn’t let you see how the room is being tidied or which of the army members worked hard to please the king or the queen.

When the dinner is ready, the king or the queen orders the servant to check the room and let the kingdom know how successful the army was. Once the room is rated with the highest award, king or queen are ready to have dinner and go to bed.

This game would be great for feeling important instead of being punished for the untidy bedroom. Good luck to all and good night to our our little kings, queens and fairies. Sleep tight!