Is that Halloween coming soon? Oh, yes! We’re looking forward to it!

Today, we have a lovely Halloween book for you and your kids. You might want to use it in your classroom if you’re a teacher, or read it at home if you’re a parent. Let’s have a look.

Room On The Broom

Author: Julia Donaldson


The Room On The Broom is an enchanting rhyming story of a funny witch whose hat, magic wand and a broomstick is unexpectedly blown away by a wind. The witch feels lucky with three animals who find her missing belongings, and in return they ask for a ride on her broom. As they ride, they overweight the broom which breaks and leaves them in the danger of a hungry dragon. The book is suitable for children aged 4 – 7, and readers will be delighted by the final illustration. The book is a good read for experiencing problem-solving situations, as well as for understanding generosity and gratefulness, as the scary character, the witch, becomes a loving and positive figure, along with her purring cat.

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More Halloween ideas…

As the Halloween is getting closer, Lipa Village is preparing with funny, witty and positive activities to make this kids’ day even more exciting and entertaining, but also to help parents and teachers get the best of Halloween. In the meantime, check out our Halloween crafts for kids on Pinterest, as well as some costume ideas we’ve selected for you.

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Praise on GoodReads:

Great read aloud! Great rhyme! There is just the right amount of funny vs. scary. There’s a really fun and surprising and creative ending. (I was really tempted to tell what exactly, but then I’d have to use a spoiler box for a children’s picture book.) Oh, and the illustrations are wonderful!

After reading the book, children get a sense of the importance of friendship and sticking together. The illustrations are magnificently sharp and colourful and again allow the child to actively take part in the story and question what may or may not happen next.

Room on the Broom is an exciting, enchanting story of a good natured witch and her cat that meets new friends along the way, a dog, a bird, a frog and invites them onto her broom. It has a nice rhyming flow to the story which will keep children engaged plus the use of repetition.

Great book. Love the pictures and the story is easy to read and flows well.

This is a great book accompanied by beautiful vibrant illustrations to support the text. We generally associate witches as being wicked and evil but the one in this story is pleasant and very good natured.