Chalk, crayon, pencil, pen?

Yes, those are one of the ways to go through child’s daily activities, but as a parent, you should know that these tools are slowly being replaced by technology devices. To avoid getting confused with which tools to use when creating daily activities, we have a few ideas for parents and teachers. The thing to focus on is combining online and offline modules that will create meaningful and fun activities.

All Lipa Learning games are educational, designed to promote organic growth, which means children can play and grow up learning essential life skills. Today we’ve chosen 3 Lipa games and combined them with offline activities which you can use on daily basis. Let’s start with creative skills.

Lipa Eggs & Lipa Splash for hours of creative fun

Being creative and letting your child’s creativity run wild is something that will unconditionally raise interests and bring smiles on young  faces. That’s why we have created Lipa Eggs and allowed children to explore their creativity by joining a chirping bird whose eggs they need to colour. This little cute bird lets your child screentouch its eggs and sets colouring tasks for children who develop creative skills in this way. Also, the little chirping bird teaches your child how to mix 2 colours in order to get 1.

In an offline world, you can do the same with your child, and even create a little storytelling for raising excitement and interest. If you draw or print out the picture of eggs and birds, your child can colour them with crayons. Once the pictures are drawn in assigned colors, you can explore the world of other colours with Lipa Eggs. Also, once your child learns the mixture of 2 colours, they can show you what they’ve learnt by painting a splashing paper canvas at home.

Another way to try out colours is by playing Lipa Splash. In this game your child will paint by numbers and discover beautiful images while developing valuable number recognition skills. This is a classic game shaped into a whole new, touchscreen experience which can be easily combined with a similar offline activity if you print out any colouring sheets you can find. We have a few of our own, so check them out here and feel free to print them for your child.


Fun times with words, letters and flashcards

Seeing pictures that show something your child finds interesting can be highly amusing, especially if a child can name the thing on the picture. Matching words with images is something we all do with children on daily basis, that’s why Lipa Bear is here to bring you more fun with this classical activity. In this interactive language game, kids help Bella Bear match words with pictures as they develop fundamental language skills.


In an offline activity, you can do the same if you chose your child’s favourite characters, colours, animals or toys. You can cut them out along with words. Spread them all over a desk and give assignments, such as finding a picture and then searching for the word, and vice versa. Another thing you can do with this game is, give only the first letter for each picture and let your child find the letters, followed by speaking out each word. You can let your child trace a letter and even write it. We have our fun writing and tracing sheets for you. Check them out here and use them for this language discovering game.

Balance your learning modules

Exploring online learning tools is perfect for getting offline ideas for your kids, as well as for expanding and satisfying their curiosity. You can’t run away from the fact that you are raising digital natives, but it is never a good idea to include only one of those 2 tools in daily activities. Technology is a part of this generation’s growing up, but balancing tech time with other learning modules is not only good, but highly needed.

Enjoy your online and offline activities together and stay tuned for more tips and ideas on Lipa Village!