Every Friday, once we finish our jobs, we go back home to our beloved ones. Yes, we look forward to our time dedicated to children, but sometimes, just sometimes, we find ourselves worrying about another hectic weekend. When you’re a parent, weekends can be just as exhausting as weeks.

All those things…


Let’s start with Friday afternoons. Once the job, school and day care are over, it’s us parents who take over the 24/7 entertainment, feeding, cleaning, and teaching excitements. Let’s admit it, it’s a tough job. Where to start from?

Well, I would suggest to start with a park or some other tiring activity to see the little ones fly off to beds earlier on Friday evening. I know, this sounds unfair, maybe even selfish. But let’s face it, Saturdays and Sundays are long days and you would need the energy on the highest level. Also, it’s Friday, so you are most likely thorn out by a busy week. That’s why it’s totally ok to have 1 activity in the afternoon and then a nice, quality sleeping.

Saturday is a fun day


Here we go. Hope you buckled up your seat. What’s the first thing you do on Saturday morning? Maybe you prepare a nice, big breakfast, but make sure the time spent together at the table is proactive. Make plans for the day. We have a few ideas for you:

1. Together, make a healthy lunch

It’s always useful to include your children into cooking activities, so they get a better understanding of the food they’re eating, but also to keep them away from wasting their valuable time doing nothing.

2. Relax after lunch, but don’t sleep

What you can do is take your children’s tablet and play a cool game together. This will help you keep their brains active while at the same time it will help you relax on the couch. Luckily, Lipa has 11 fun and educational games you can play together.

3. Theater & walk

See a theater play! This might require booking tickets a few days earlier, but it is a great way of spending quality time together. Also, after the play is over you can stay out and grab an ice-cream. If your children prefer movies over theater, you can always choose a good movie.

4. Evening at friend’s

Yes, this could be a good idea after the time you spent outside. This way you can get to see your friends and the children can play with theirs.

Sunday, take it slowly


On Sundays, we like to sleep longer. If you and manage it without being interrupted, you are a lucky one. Then you might have a relaxed lunch preparation a nice way of spending an afternoon outside. When going out, you can choose local parks or a close-by excursion where you can do a variety of activities.

What ever you decide to do together on Sundays, make it fun, relaxing, with lots of laughs. Fill yourselves up with positive energy and enjoy family bonding all day long.