Does your child like to get messy? That’s great! We have an idea how to get messy in a meaningful and useful way. Check it out!

Mixing colors is fun and useful

Prepare an empty space which is ok for you in case it gets dirty with colors..and it WILL get dirty! Put on aprons and take a few plastic cups. Chose food colors or washable tempera paints you’d like your child to play with, then mix each with a little bit of water. Once you have cups filled with colored water, use a spoon to transfer 2 different colors into 1 empty cup. Before you do so, talk to your child about what might happen when you mix those 2 colors. Continue experimenting and discovering results as you, your child and the area around you is beautifully splashed with colors you used. This activity will help your child sharpen thinking skills and enjoy exploring cause and effect relationships.


Mix some colors with Lipa Eggs, too!

Once you have cleaned the place you used for the experiment, you are now ready to join our chirping bird and continue mixing and matching for more developing of early creative skills. Lipa Eggs is here for our little ones (age 3+), to help them explore and develop their creative skills, as well as to experience a digital canvas with mixing a variety of colors. ┬áIn this game, kids will utilize and refine their natural creative skills while having chirping fun with the curtest bird they’ve ever seen. Feel free to download Lipa Eggs for free on App Store and Google Play.