Dear teachers, we have a nice game you can play for Halloween in your classroom! It rhymes, so it will be more fun for everybody, and it will also bring excitement for your little preschoolers. Let’s see what you will need for the game.

How to make a witch’s hat?

This game is a nice idea to spice up your daily activities for the upcoming Halloween. Along with preparations, you can teach your classroom how to make their own hats. To help you create the black hat with your classroom, check out this video tutorial and get busy when you’re ready!

How to make a fairy dust?

Once your hat is ready, you can let your children decorate it in fun and colorful way. Then you will need a chair and a  fairy dust. These two beautiful sisters will help you make your own fairy dust in just a few minutes:


Ready for the game!


Once you have the hat, the chair and the fairy dust, you are now fully ready to start the game. Place the hat somewhere higher in your classroom. Make sure that a child can reach it when stepping on the chair. Decide who gets to be the witch (don’t worry, they will all take turns). Also, decide who will be the hat spotter. Hand over the fairy dust to the hat spotter and let him or her say the rhyming poem together with the rest of the class:

Whose hat is that landing on the tree?

Who saw it first? Is it you, is it me?

Let’s climb up on this autumn tree!

And take ladders, faster it will be.

When we get that funny hat,

We can look for a dark black cat,

And play some tricks for Halloween,

When the witch comes, no one will be seen!


Include movement in the game

Including movement in the rhyming poem is highly recommendable. Children can show how they would climb the ladders, how they would look for the cat, point at each other when saying “Is it you, is it me?”, snap fingers at the word “Tricks” and of course, at the end, spread the fairy dust on other children when speaking out the word “Seen”. Once the children are covered with the fairy dust, they can pretend to be invisible. The witch walks in and tries to get someone from the group (with her eyes closed as they are invisible). The child caught by the witch was the only one the dust didn’t work on, so he or she is out of the game. The last child standing gets to be the witch.

With this game, you can also include rewards and assignments. Everybody will want to be the witch, but to be one, it is necessary to complete tasks given by the teacher. You can come up with the most suitable tasks as you know which ones are useful for your classroom. We are pretty sure all of you will enjoy this game. For some other seasons or holidays, it is interesting to adjust the game and play it over and over again.