Being a parent to Generation Z and Alpha isn’t easy. You need to be a tech geek, a social media guru, a heavy e-commerce shopper. You need to learn a lot about fast-changing trends, new apps and which social media channel does what.
Unfortunately, some parents still see technology and Internet as a negative thing. We find that scary. Banning children from accessing Instagram or avoiding their plea for tablets is not such a good idea. The reason for such negative points of view is mostly related to the lack of knowledge. In order to be able see to the good side of technology and social media, you need to know more about them than just a plain logging in to Facebook. Once you see things clearly, you can understand that technology, Internet and social media have a useful and highly desirable advantage for your child’s growing up.

No to tablets, yes to TV? Wrong!

We try our best to make parents understand the mistake they’re doing with allowing TV watching but disallowing tablets to their children. Unfortunately, the negative approach to technology has been deeply rooted in some adults’ minds, and it might take ages or even never to convert them. Let us explain a few disillusions. First of all, TV is your child’s worst enemy! And we will tell you why. Watching TV can easily be described as a passive activity. And that “passive” has nothing to do with sitting. It has to do with a passive state the child brain is in at time of watching TV. Also, you have no power over what TV throws out at your child’s face. This means, as a parent you can’t control what you want your child to see. The TV is in charge, you are not.
Unlike TV, you can adjust your child tablet’s apps to their age. Your 8-year old and your 14-year old might use similar tablets, but it is unlikely they will be using the same apps.

Technology usage boosts brain activity


Unlike with TV, with tablets and mobiles you can be the one in charge! You can choose the apps you want your child to use, track progress and set goals. You can never do that with TV. What you can do with your children’s tablets is download the apps that would be useful for their age in terms of learning and keeping their brains active. So, your 6-year old can play Lipa Learning games and learn English with Lipa Bear, art with Lipa Eggs and math with Lipa Frog, as well as train memory with Lipa Pairs, while at the same time having fun. Also, you can explore together the You Tube app if he or she enjoys music. The best part of it is encouraging them to search for their favorite singers and songs on. If they wants to see Beyoncé’s new video, they should write down Beyoncé and the song title without your help. This is another way of learning to write and read much faster thanks to technology!

Technology is adaptive to child’s age


We have witnessed kids master apps like pros. Parents need to monitor all of their activities there, as well as connect with them and make comments with the content they share. It will be very interesting for your kids and they will enjoy feeling trendy. Another thing to do is, download the apps that are great for reading and writing, but not in their mother language. That way they can make progress with learning foreign language in reading and writing form. Conversation and listening are well covered with apps, too. Children can read stories with earphones on, so they read while listening to the right pronunciation. We absolutely love that part!

One more highly valuable part is the way you can help your children explore their interests and focus on the one that suits the best their personality. So, interests like photography, music, books, art, fashion, can easily be developed with using technology for learning. You can never ever do that with TV!

Guaranteed happiness

By using cool devices and by the variety of options provided on them, children are happier to get involved with education. We tend to nourish that cognition! Education and technology is the new, long-standing couple whose relationship is getting deeper and closer as new generations are coming. Tracking learning progress and boosting brain activity has never been easier. You can never achieve that with TV.

Technology is this generation’s tradition


We find technology, social media and Internet an essential part of children’s education and growing up. It gives them a unique opportunity to learn and play at the same time. They stay updated with the latest trends, so they don’t feel left behind other children in the school. And the best part of it is this: As a parent, you have a control of media you want my child to be exposed to. Priceless!

Technology is an essential part of education. Don’t ignore that! Rather get involved, try it yourself and teach your children how to use it in a smart, useful and safe way.