Dear teachers,

We know you take many field trips and excursions during each school year, not to mentions fun activities, theater visits, school shows and outdoor games you do on daily and weekly basis. If you take notes, photos and reports during those days, we would like to make things easy for you. Most probably, parents will ask you to share those special moments with them, but even if they don’t, this is something you might want to talk about on your next parents’ meeting.

Sharing special moments with parents


Using Google Drive will not only help you easily and faster share your notes and photos with exciting parents, but it will also help you store the most important ones forever, without loosing it. With cloud computing, it is easy to store, keep track and delete any file you like at any time suitable for you, from any place in the world. The first thing you need to organize is a parents meeting where you will collect all the parents’ emails and explain them what you would love to do. You can take step by step in showing how your mutual sharing will be done.

Quick introduction to Google Drive

During your parents meeting, you can show a quick introduction to Google Drive to those parents who still haven’t had a chance to get to know this useful too. Let them see that they can upload, comment, write and share documents and files with you without bringing usb sticks to you, or worse, blank CDs.

Exploring Google Drive

Together with parents, you can go through exploring Google Drive with this useful video, and at the same time create one document together via which you will upload a few mobile photos you’ve taken that day during the daily activity in your classroom.

Each parents can also create one folder on their mobile devices and share it with others. Here are a few simple steps to start:

  1. Log in/sign up to their Google account
  2. Install Google Drive on mob
  3. Upload files
  4. Share with others
  5. Download shared files

Easier cooperation with parents


Now that you have successfully done it together, you are ready to share all the special moments their children go through in their preschool or school activities. Parents can also share their information, crafts and ideas they do at home with kids, which is a great way for you to upgrade your activities with the fun stuff kids like doing at home. You can also use Google Drive to upload excursion announcements, parents meetings and other happenings in school to enhance your mutual cooperation, as well as to avoid pinboards which are sometimes unintentionally ignored by rushing parents.

Good luck and have fun exploring the unlimited world of this cloud platform.