October 23 has been recognized as the National Mole Day in USA, the day when chemistry professionals and enthusiasts celebrate a basic measuring unit in chemistry known as Avogadro’s Number (6.02 x 10 23) , and the day us teachers and parents take an opportunity to introduce children to this interesting animal – mole.

Lipa Mole for young investigators


We are extremely proud of our very special mole who has been helping children investigate letter, numbers and words in the most entertaining way ever! With our Lipa Mole, young learners are motivated to explore and develop their language skills, while at the same time enjoy colorful environments and playful graphics full of writing exercises and a fun underground tunnel digging.

Join Lipa Mole in few fun ways!

Our cute mole has a few interesting ways to help your children with developing language skills. You can download free Lipa Mole writing sheets for the fun times at home or in school:

You can also download free Lipa Mole educational game on App Store and enjoy the interactive, subterranean world with hours of fun and learning!

Let’s learn more about moles

As you know, moles are burrowing mammals with substantial claws. They live underground, in a variety of habitats, such as woodlands, fields, riverbanks, swampy areas and even deserts. You can find them in Europe, North America, Asia and southern Africa. They live up to three years and when it comes to their sight, they are practically blind due to the tiny eyes. That’s why, most of the time, they use their sense of touch for finding food, such as mice, insects, worms and even frogs.

And look at this amazing body!


Now that you’ve got it all, the writing sheets, the Lipa Mole app and some interesting facts about moles in general, you are ready to celebrate the Mole Day in your own, unique style, by playing, learning, coloring and writing. We’re sure your kids will absolutely love today’s diverse activity.

Have fun!