Living in a rapidly developing and changing world, it is important for us parents to motivate a growth mindset from our kids’ early age in order to see them become a useful members of their society once they are adults. With growth mindset, kids will embrace a life-long learning approach, rather than just count the days to finishing college one day and never ever learn again, taking learning as something that is going to finish at a certain age.

Why is growth mindset important?


If you let your child grow up with a fixed mindset, that means you let him believe that his ability, success, achievements and intelligence cannot be changed. You let him believe that his qualities are limited and that they will stop at a certain age. This wouldn’t only be wrong, but it would also be negative for you child’s self-esteem and his points of views to life. Therefore, it is highly important to foster a growth mindset from the early age, and embrace learning as a part of your lifestyle. Learning doesn’t end at any stage of your life, and it’s the same with your IQ, your abilities and skills. A continuous evolving should be a part of your approach to life, and it should definitely be something you teach your kids every day.

What does a growth mindset mean?


It means to embrace challenges, it means to prove yourself over and over aging, regardless of your age, it means to learn and never stop evolving. That’s what we need to teach our kids, too. So how to cultivate this valuable approach to life? Well, at least you can do is praise your children for good work, motivate them to work hard, show them that working hard brings good results (not just money), explain to them that working is a part of the lifestyle, not a just waiting to get paid every 1st in the month. Be a good example to them. Be happy when you go to work, do volunteering, involve yourself with other things after work, not just resting and watching TV. Learn, explore, spend active weekends and look for other ways to engage yourselves with life.

By looking at you, they will take it as a normal thing and embrace it as their lifestyle, too. Also, you will raise positive thinkers who will be solution-oriented, happy and successful grown-ups.

And the cycle goes on and on with future generations, so one day we really might see the world as a better place!