For our dear Villagers, we have some inspirational words to comfort your kids with, as well as to keep that beautiful smile on their faces and make yourself happy, too.

Find your favorite inspiration

Our Inspiration for kids Pinterest board may help you if you ever stay speechless or struggle with finding the right encouraging words for your little ones. Sometimes, your children will feel ashamed for the mistake that they have done, or they might feel insecure about making the right choice. That’s why we have some inspirational words for you we found on Pinterest and shaped them into one interesting board.


You and me together – moms, dads and kids around the world

Award winning author Barbara Kerley has written a beautiful books for parents to read aloud with children. It’s called You and Me Together:  Mos, Dads and Kids Around the World. The book includes breathtaking National Geographic’s images showing bonding between parents and children around the world, across different cultures.


Find inspiration in quotes

It is always a good idea to print put some inspirational and encouraging quotes told by famous people around the world. You can use a plain white paper and tape it on some of your own special areas around the house. You can use crayons or paints to do a useful art activity and write the words together with your children. There are also many interesting life quotes you can find in children’s books. They will inspire both parents and children, and they will most probably help your children feel better about themselves, embrace better views to life and make themselves happy people.


Inspire them, smile and spend time with your children. At the end of the day, it’s what will make them stronger and it’s what will make you more satisfied. For weekend ideas, check out our some of Lipa Village’s suggestions and enjoy time spent together.