Dear parents, we’ve got something really exciting for you and your children. As we’re starting a new school year again, it is of great value to have some cool games ready for your time with family at home. These games will keep your child’s school duties in balance. What we mean by that is, we won’t let days-off and weekends get your child’s mind off the school. How do we plan to do that? Here are 3 school games you can play at home:

Alpha and Betty live in Alphabet City


This game is easily played on your home boards, computer, tablets and mobiles. All you have to do is draw a boy and a girl. Name the boy Alpha, and name the girl Betty. They will undoubtedly remind your child of the word “Alphabet”. Choose a list of words you’d like your child to either learn or improve. Segment the list into 2 parts. One part is Alpha’s belonging and another part is Betty’s belonging. You can make bags with Alpha and Betty names, too. Take out the words out of Alpha’s and Betty’s bag or pocket and let your child write the word down under the boy’s or girl’s name. You can even play with letters rather than words, and help your child come up with the right word, but also write it down on the board, paper or your digital device.

Buzzy Bee needs help with numbers


Draw and cut out a little bee. Color it and name it if it’ll make your child happy. Take cups, mugs or plastic glasses you have in your kitchen. Write numbers on them and place them all over your kitchen, or living room or even garden. Stick the Buzzy Bee on your child’s hand. Say the number you want, then see how your child finds the cup with the right number and puts his/her hand inside. You can even ask you child to spell the number, or even name all the previous numbers, it depends on you. Once the Bee is in the right cup, you can slip raisins, fruit or nuts into the cup as a reward for the good work. Make sure you switch sides with your child and become the Buzzy Bee yourself.

Hungry shoppers in the garden

Take out the food you’d like your child to know how to spell. Put it in a card box. Take as many baskets as there are players and give one to each. Players take turn in taking out food out of the card box and try to spell the food correctly. The one who spells it right gets to keep the food in his or her basket, but the one who spells it wrong, needs to return the food to the card box. The winner is the one with more food in his or her basket.

A quick note by Lipa Village…


Each game you just read can be customized according to your own ideas and child’s wishes. The idea is to have fun while getting busy with school subjects. Good luck and have a wonderful time with your child!