What have you learnt in school today? Nothing!
It’s the most common answer you will get if you ask your child that question. However, to keep the conversation going and get a better view on school activities, don’t give up, but rather reframe the question or make a few different ones.

From end to beginning


I usually ask my younger child about the afternoon meal they had because that’s something she probably remembers as it happens before I pick her up from the day care. With her answer, I realize she is starting to remember all other activities, so I don’t hesitate asking other questions and that way help her remember everything from the last to the first activities of the day. I don’t spend much time on the details unless my child really wants me to know. I rather focus on our conversation and trust building, making her realize that she is more than happy to confide in me.

Afternoon in the library


I like taking my kids to the library in the afternoon, especially during the winter when the time is not convenient to spend it outdoors too long. This is one of our activity through which they get in touch with words, letters and pictures by carefully choosing the kind of books they would love to take home. Also, we choose the ones we want to read at the spot, so we take time enjoying and exploring the library regardless of borrowing books. This is also a great time for them to curl up closer to me and read our book quietly because they know speaking loud in library means lack of manners (which is something they find embarrassing).

Homework for preschool and school age


If your older child goes to school and the younger one to a day care, think about a way to do homework with both of them. The younger one most probably won’t have any homework, but assign one for him or her, too. Make sure it is similar to the older child’s homework (you don’t want to hear complaining such as “He gets to write and I have to tidy up”).
This is another great way of engaging with words, letters and sentences while at the same time helping your older child finish the homework accurately and tidily.

Plant your child’s education at home, water it during school and see it blossom in collage!