It’s definitely not a surprise to hear and read more about technology in terms of education and learning. This is, as you know, something Lipa Learning has been focused on, and it’s something we motivate our parents and teachers with. Due to this, we would love to introduce you with an interesting read Edudemic has recently published, which teachers, and perhaps parents too, might find very useful and motivating.

Redefining teaching methodologies

methodology According to Edudemic, teachers are adjusting to new educational technology in a vastly evolving way. The redefining teaching methodologies are continuously ongoing and expanding, which provides students with improved peer collaboration and practical skills. The paperless classroom is seen as interactive, resource-filled platform that creates limitless possibilities for future education, includes various learning styles, and improves students’ achievement according to the EdTechReview survey.  Using technology devices in classrooms overwhelms students, and what we find very interesting and promising is the 20% growth in technology usage among teachers in just 2 years.

Apps and tools for paperless classroom

tablet We’ve recently written about sharing and saving files and documents via Google Drive. This app is useful for both students and teachers, as they can have real-time online conversations and comment their work while sharing images, graphics and files in a quick and time-consuming way. In their article, Edudemic brings out more interesting ideas on how to organize your paperless classroom. Another very interesting tools Edudemic wrote about  are the Learning Management Systems tools for easier tracking, monitoring and delivering courses and training programs to schools. In their review, they used an infographic done by Capterra that shows the most popular Learning Management System software of today.

Lipa Learning supports this idea

Yes, of course we support the idea of paperless classroom! We advocate e-learning, motivate children to use our educational apps and parents to use our Gateway app, for easier monitoring and keeping track of their child’s learning progress. We create fun and interactive learning environment for which we strongly believe it can change education. Therefore, articles like Edudemic’s make us happy, as well as proud to be a part of the very same paperless classroom style, for schools and homes. We’re extremely happy to share this with our teachers and looking forward to seeing more changes in teaching methodologies, as well as increasing classroom technology implementations in the future.

About Edudemic

Edudemic covers exactly what Lipa Learning supports and embraces – teaching, learning, and how technology positively shapes our education. In 2014 Edudemic re-focused its efforts and took on a new mission – creating awesome students. Edudemic’s core audience includes educators, administrators, teachers, parents, and now students. Follow them on Twitter and grab fresh new teaching, learning and technology news.