The Kiss Box. What do you imagine? My son`s wonderful Grammy gave my baby this lovely book. She came to see him across the ocean during her 4 days long Fall break. She said, just like in the book, I will store 100 kisses for you in a little box, and so you can take one every single time you need one, until you see me again at Christmas…

The Story of The Kiss Box

Written by: Bonnie Verburg, Illustrated by: Henry Cole

The Kiss Box is a wonderful book written by Bonnie Verburg, and illustrated by Henry Cole. The story, as sweet as the title, talks about a little bear who is certain to miss his mommy and being worried about it. The little Bear finds the perfect solution for the time apart: They will both make a little kiss box for each other – and fill it with sweet loving kisses…

From the readers

Parenting means also reading with your children - The Kiss Box Book

“The Kiss Box is the story of a mama bear who gives her boy a box full of kisses to remind him that, while she may be away from him physically, she is always with him in love and spirit. For working parents and long vacations, first days of school and other separations that cause anxiety and worry for parents and children alike, the concept of a Kiss Box is so sweetly simple and brilliant that I’m certain I will share a Kiss Box of my own someday. The story and illustrations are perfect and lovely, and I’ll be buying several copies of this book for my friends with little ones.” – says one of the 5-star reviews on

My review? Beloved Grammy and her overseas living preschooler “upgraded” their little Kiss Box routine, reminding me of a sweet little movie “Inbox” I saw few years ago. My son and his Grammy not only have a reservoir of kisses whenever they need it, they also can send some via their Kiss Boxes: They put their sweet kisses inside the little kiss boxes they made, and the other one can pick them up just like an email in an inbox… wherever they are.

Just make sure to take your Kiss Box everywhere with you!

And don`t forget to read this wonderful book to your child.

Have a sweet day full of kisses,