We love the Halloween week! It’s so inspiring and fun to think of all the activities we can do together with kids. After Halloween decoration, cooking and reading, how about we do some fun games and have the best Halloween ever?

Here’s what we have.

Doughnut Eating Race


Yay! Let’s make doughnuts and use longer strings or threads to tie them up on a tree branch, rod or a lower ceiling in your home. Dress up your kids in their favorite Halloween costumes, have them put their hands behind their backs and start the race. What they have to do is try eating their doughnuts as fast as possible without using hands. The doughnuts will be swinging from side to side, so it’ll be so much fun watching the kids chasing and eating them. The first one who finishes is the winner!

Mummy Wrap


If you have colorful toilet paper, you could call it a Colorful Mummy Wrap game.

You can divide the kids into 2 groups. If there’s only you and your family, separate 2 or more players into groups. You will need some cool music for this game, as well as a chalk to mark the finishing line with. What you have to do is take a toilet paper and wait for the music to play. Once you hear the music, a player from 1 group must wrap a player from the other group. Wrapping includes head to toes, without wrapping arms to the body. The player wrapped in the toilet paper becomes a mummy and must run to the finish line. The ones who gets there first is the winner!

What’s in the bowl?


Oh yeah, this one’s so much fun! Choose a few different bowls and a variety of wobbling, slimy and soft food, snacks and desserts. Place each in a different bowl. You can use Jell-O, mellowcream candies, gummy body parts, and even the Halloween pasta (make sure to cook it before using it). Once you have all the bowls reday, it’s time to choose the players, wrap up their eyes with a black cloth and give them bowls to try. You can even name the bowls to make it more exciting, like monster’s brain, witch’s fingers, ghost’s feet or spider’s web. The one who guesses all the bowls is the winner!

Apple Bobbing


This is a traditional Halloween game and it’s as much fun as all other you see here. It’s similar to Doughnut Eating Race game, but this time we will use autumn apples, as well as a bucket full of water (warm, preferably). Place apples inside the bucket. The apples will float on the water and kids need to catch apples with their teeth, without using their hands. Every apple they catch, it needs to placed next to the apple catchers so you can count all the apples later. Set the time during which they will be catching the apples, and the one with the most apples is the winner!

Have fun playing Halloween games!