The answer to this question is easy! Download our free educational game Lipa Frog, and witness the birth of love for math!

Meet Froggie

When your child enters our fairytale, there will be the cutest frog to meet. Its name is Froggie and it likes jumping from lily pad to lily pad, catching flies and enjoying munching them. Your child will giggle while listening to the sound of the frog munching the flies.

As Froggie jumps and munches, it collects a pieces of the crown of knowledge, needed for becoming the Prince Froggie.

What benefit does Froggie bring?


This challenging and delightful counting adventure will develop and improve valuable math skills before your child starts school. With 30 fantastic levels, your child will explore the world of counting, and embrace this entertaining way of falling in love with math. Exciting music and sound effects, together with a colorful and positive imagery makes this game pleasant for children aged 3+.

Also, we are happy to let you know our Lipa Frog has been certificated by Famigo and Kids Safe certification!

Enjoy digital learning together

We’ve got something for you too, our dear parents! While your child is making progress with learning math, you can monitor the progress via our completely accessible parental app – Lipa Gateway app. With Lipa Gateway, you can experience the full benefits of the Lipa Learning curriculum as you create child profiles, track learning progress, earn Lipa Points, and connect with Lipa Frog, or any other Lipa game.

Don’t miss the fun and excitement with digital learning! As our teacher recently wrote, learning technology becomes more embedded in our everyday lives, so there are teachers who already create paperless classrooms as a result of living in the extensive digital era. For both parents and teachers, it is good to know that technology can help your child’s language development, and that gaming brings very positive motivational, cognitive, social and emotional improvement. So, join us for introducing your preschoolers with 5 skill sets they will develop with our apps – fundamentals, language, math, science and creativity, and enjoy the world of counting with our beautiful Lipa Frog.

 Download Lipa Frog for free on App Store and Google play!