Books, magazines and videos can help children improve their language skills. As reading is one of the most valuable activities, listening is also its essential part. While listening, children hear the accurate pronunciation of each word, as well as how exclamation and question sentences sound.

We in Lipa Village have prepared 2 spelling games to help you plan language activities in classrooms or home. Let’s start with the preschool age.

Reach the cloud with spelling out loud


This game provides fun, competition and learning. It’s for pre-schoolers, considering they have already started preparing for school.
Create a big cloud out of a cardboard or a stronger paper. Color it with blue and white, but don’t forget to include a rainbow and a sun. Separate children into groups and choose flashcards by the number of groups you have. Each group is named after the flashcard topics: food, animals, colors, numbers, etc. Put the removable glue dots on the other side of all flashcards and once the groups are ready, you can start the game.
Stick 1 flashcard at a time up on your cloud. The groups must be quiet until the right group recognizes their flashcard and then start spelling the word out loud. For example, the group named “Food” can only start spelling when they see a food flashcard up on the cloud. In case they start spelling when you glue the animal flashcard, they need to skip 1 round of spelling. You can write score on your tablet, mobile or a piece of paper. Also, you can create another cloud where all the scores will be placed.
We are sure both you and your children will have lots of fun playing this game. Make sure they are very quiet while another team is spelling their word. This will make them learn and spot the spelling mistakes, if there will be any. You can always customize the game according to the stage of spelling process are you in with the group. The main point is, either let the group choose the spelling individuals or have the group spell words together, because we definitely don’t want any child to feel embarrassed or stressed over the word they still can’t spell. Have fun!

Paper alphabet game for primary age


This one requires a lot of preparation due to the number of letters in our alphabet. Also, one alphabet will not be enough, so it is a good idea to assign homework for each child to cut out the letters in alphabet. This will give them an opportunity to show their own, unique style because it is most likely they will all show up with different colors or other decoration elements on letters. Let children separate letters in boxes or on classroom desks (“A” letters go in one place, etc.).
Once the whole classroom has their letters ready, pull away the desks and chairs, and do the game on the floor. It’s much more fun. Say a word and let them raise hands for spelling. The student you pick must spell the given word by using the paper alphabet. You can decorate the classroom floor with the paper words and even tape them on the floor for some other games in the future. You will have a colorful and lively classroom decorated with letters. What a lovely decoration!

Hope you like our spelling games. You can always add your own style to each game and make both of them even more enjoyable. If the children enjoy it and if you see their language improvement, our mission is complete.